Most business presentations are a waste of everybody’s time,
succeeding only in boring their audiences.

The Impactful Presenter Scorecard benchmarks your ability to deliver powerful business presentations and identifies opportunities for improvement.

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Your ability to influence
depends on your ability to present effectively.

Therefore, anything that reduces your ability to present your ideas, reduces your ability to influence.

Paul McCluskey, Founder and MD at Gemstone Legal

"The Scorecard is super useful. If you want to become a great presenter, this will give you your baseline."

Paul McCluskey, Founder and MD at Gemstone Legal

Margaret Rose, Co-Founder at Future Law and U-Solve Impact Accelerator | TEDx Speaker

"The Ideas on Stage process is amazing. I even received a standing ovation."

Margaret Rose, Co-Founder at Future Law | TEDx Speaker

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The scorecard will measure you against...

...the 5 key steps of the presentation journey


Can you create presentations that are related to your audience?

You need to be able to develop presentations which are relevant to your audience, their needs and the context. 



Can you develop a captivating message? 

You need to have a structured approach for brainstorming your presentation’s content, so you can identify simple, clear and engaging messages.



Can you create an engaging storyline that hooks your audience?

You need to translate your ideas into a clear structure that helps the audience understand, remember and take action. 



Can you illustrate your message with powerful visuals?

You need to amplify your message with powerful visual aids and avoid Death by PowerPoint.



Can you deliver your presentations comfortably and convincingly?

You need to have the ability to present naturally, connect with your audience and deliver authentically.

Discover your score
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and increase your ability to influence

Caroline Boston, MD at New Minds
"We recently presented to a potential client using these principles and it went brilliantly, resulting in a new piece of work for us."

Caroline Boston, MD at New Minds

24 questions

Answer 26 Yes/No

Measure your ability to create and deliver powerful presentations in less than 5 minutes. 


Review your

Take a look at how you currently stand on following the 5 key steps of the presentation journey. 


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